Who We Are


ERGICON is an engineering and construction company that emerged as a result of a shareholder restructuring of its predecessor building company ACTICON – Engenharia e Construção.

ERGICON was thus created with the majority shareholding of the same founding shareholder of ACTICON, which was recognized as a great success story in the Civil Construction and Public Works sector.

ERGICON stands out for its strong and functional partnership with its Clients, implementing constructive solutions and methods that may contribute proactively for the rigorous and effective implementation of projects, without forgoing the high quality standards in construction and, not less important, in absolute conjunction with meeting deadlines.

The group is characterised by the strong implementation capacity and discipline in conducting projects, based on the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, reinforced by the technical and professional soundness of the management team, who has recognisably gained experience and knowledge over more than two decades in the construction sector in Portugal and Angola.

The group strives for respect and appreciation of its most important resources – the employees and professionals in the sector – who every day, project by project, in a dedicated and competent way, help write the history of the various companies.


Strengthen the construction sector in all the geographies where it operates, adding competence to the sector through know-how with innovation and resilience, rigour and an excellent technique in the implementation of projects, generating value for our clients, partners and shareholders.

Provide the market with real and local knowledge, with the best international standards of corporate and individual expertise, actively contributing to improving the quality of life of citizens.



  • Developing quality projects, adding value to Clients, the society and shareholders;
  • Establishing true partnership relationships, by studying, analysing and discussing the various problems, implementing the best solutions and meeting the needs and expectations of our Clients;
  • Growing in a solid, rigorous, efficient and sustained manner, always respecting the environment;
  • Providing opportunities for growth and professional training, adding value to our employees and the society.



Determination and accuracy in the implementation of the various projects, pursuing objectives with dedication, serious work and competence.

Valuing the strong team spirit, always developing and strengthening the commitment to Clients, partners and shareholders, generating trust and responsibility for a corporate management based on sustainability and continuity.

Constant and dynamic search for perfecting the Management Model with innovation and creativity, persistence, determination and self-confidence, focusing on results.






The company dedicated to Engineering, Construction and Public Works results from the will and persistence of its founder.

Housing And Services

Residential Complexes, Multifunctional and Office Buildings, Shopping Centres, Bank Branches, Commercial Premises, Exhibition Centres.

Tourism And Leisure

Hotels, Restaurants, Amusement Centres, Gyms, Sports Complexes.

Technological Buildings

Switching Centres, Data Centres, Control and Monitoring Rooms.

Special Foundations / Peripheral Contention / Geotechnics

Geotechnical Surveying and Prospecting, Peripheral Contentions, Retention Walls, Slope Stabilisation, Nailing, Guniting, Special Foundations, Piling.


Industrial Complexes and Units, Logistics and Distribution Centres, Industrial Warehouses and Premises, Workshops, Industrial Laundries, Inspection and Maintenance Centres, Energy Production Centres.

Infrastruture / Roads / Environment / Landscape

Parking Areas, Roads and Landscaping, Urban Arrangements, Squares / Gardens, Water Supply and Basic Sanitation Networks, Electricity Distribution, Water Treatment Pants and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wind Farms, among others.


Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Incineration Plants.

Education / Culture

School Buildings, Universities, Institutes, Kindergartens, Training Centres, Reception Centres, Theatres, Auditoriums, Museums, Concert Halls, Churches.

Structural Rehabilitation And Strengthening

Rehabilitation of Buildings and Monuments, Historical Buildings, Façade Stabilisation, Structural Strengthening of Buildings.


In an increasingly competitive, dynamic and global socioeconomic environment, we consider human capital as the most precious asset and as a critical and decisive factor for the organisation’s sustained success and development, recognising team spirit and the general motivation of employees as essential factors for the good functioning of businesses.

We highlight training and continuous improvement as fundamental principles of satisfaction, contributing to the well-being and personal and professional development of each member of our team.

We believe that the healthy combination of these factors contribute in a continuous and irreversible way to the maintenance of a strong team spirit and an increasing “PRIDE TO BE ERGICON”

Ergicon recognizes the Quality, Safety, Environmental and Social Responsibility system as a fundamental tool for obtaining a balanced, sustainable and long-lasting development.
We are driven by a philosophy of continuous improvement of the Quality, Safety, Hygiene and Health at Work, Environmental and Social Responsibility Management System, guiding our activity by fundamental principles:


Implementation of standards and procedures of operation to ensure the quality requirements, previously defined by the organization, with a view to a continuous improvement of the construction processes and methods used in all the activities carried out;

Implementation of the various contracts and works, always carried out in accordance with the projects and conditions agreed with the Clients, respecting the applicable normative provisions, best practices of execution and other requirements, taking into account the environmental aspects and associated risks;

Discussion, analysis and definition of the most appropriate solutions, with continuous advice to our Clients, in order to get the best final result, always trying to combine the factors of quality, cost/benefit, strict compliance with deadlines and presentation of alternative solutions, whenever necessary.


Implementation and strict compliance with the general principles of prevention of occupational risks, taking into account the different phases of implementation of each project;

Implementation of induction and continuous training policies, in order to value employees, provide for their stability and build their capacities with the necessary and adequate training for the proper fulfilment of their roles;

Definition of Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work policies, with regular medical screening and examinations to prevent, protect and safeguard the health and safety of employees, anticipating and preventing potential risks and damages resulting from the functions and activities carried out;

Support and incentive to employees so that they become primarily responsible for ensuring their own safety, as well as the safety of colleagues and others who may be directly or indirectly affected by their actions.


Participation in and sponsorship of public events and activities aimed at disseminating, discussing and implementing the best environmental policies;

Rational and sustainable use of resources;

Implementation of measures aimed at an effective waste management with respect for the environment, optimizing the available resources and recycling and reusing whenever possible.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Over the years, Ergicon has assumed a position of conciliation between economic development, social responsibility and environmental protection, supported by a values culture of ethics, truth, justice and respect for all those with whom the company interacts. In this sense, it adopts a participatory attitude, fully fulfilling its responsibility towards clients, employees, suppliers and the environment.

Several projects have given substance to our path, reflecting an effective social concern, both in the involvement with the community and in respect for the environment.