Who we are

ERGICON appears as a result of a shareholder restructuring of its predecessor ACTICON – Engenharia e Construção, operating since 2010.

Also dedicated to Engineering, Construction and Public Works, ERGICON results from the will and persistence of its founder, aiming to continue the project started five years earlier, thus benefiting from the positive and very rewarding experience in the Angolan market over the last few years. ERGICON’s strong implementation capacity is based on the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of its founder, reinforced by the soundness of its management team with more than two decades of experience and knowledge in the construction sector in Portugal and Angola.

Centros de Comutação


Salas de Supervisão


Data Centres


Parking Area and Automatic Car Wash Station


Gardening and Landscaping


Access road Unitel Filda

Rehabilitation of the Church of Our Lady of the World


Structural Rehabilitation of Tower No. 1 of the Sólida Plaza Building



The company dedicated to Engineering, Construction and Public Works results from the will and persistence of its founder.

Housing and Services

Residential Complexes, Multifunctional and Office Buildings, Shopping Centres, Bank Branches, Commercial Premises, Exhibition Centres.

Tourism and Leisure

Hotels, Restaurants, Amusement Centres, Gyms, Sports Complexes.

Technological Buildings

Switching Centres, Data Centres, Control and Monitoring Rooms.

Special Foundations / Peripheral Contention / Geotechnics

Geotechnical Surveying and Prospecting, Peripheral Contentions, Retention Walls, Slope Stabilisation, Nailing, Guniting, Special Foundations, Piling.


Industrial Complexes and Units, Logistics and Distribution Centres, Industrial Warehouses and Premises, Workshops, Industrial Laundries, Inspection and Maintenance Centres, Energy Production Centres.

Infrastruture / Roads / Environment / Landscape

Parking Areas, Roads and Landscaping, Urban Arrangements, Squares / Gardens, Water Supply and Basic Sanitation Networks, Electricity Distribution, Water Treatment Pants and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Wind Farms, among others.


Hospitals, Clinics, Health Centres, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Incineration Plants.

Education / Culture

School Buildings, Universities, Institutes, Kindergartens, Training Centres, Reception Centres, Theatres, Auditoriums, Museums, Concert Halls, Churches.

Structural Rehabilitation and Strengthening

Rehabilitation of Buildings and Monuments, Historical Buildings, Façade Stabilisation, Structural Strengthening of Buildings.

Where we are

The Ergicon Group is currently present in Mainland Portugal and Islands, with Headquarters in Porto and Delegations in Lisbon and Funchal.
Areas of operation: Construction, Metal Mechanics and International Logistics.

It is also present in Angola, with Headquarters in Luanda and Delegation in Benguela and Cabinda. The group is represented in the provinces of Malanje, Zaire, Bié, Cunene and Kuanza Sul.

Areas of operation: Construction, International Logistics, Electrical Installations, Agriculture / Environment.

Our Team

In an increasingly competitive, dynamic and global socioeconomic environment, we consider human capital as the most precious asset and as a critical and decisive factor for the organisation’s sustained success and development, recognising team spirit and the general motivation of employees as essential factors for the good functioning of businesses.

We highlight training and continuous improvement as fundamental principles of satisfaction, contributing to the well-being and personal and professional development of each member of our team.
We believe that the healthy combination of these factors contribute in a continuous and irreversible way to the maintenance of a strong team spirit and an increasing “PRIDE TO BE ERGICON”